WWOZ on the sound track

playing tunes from way back

and the left over coffee

is the only relief for me

the stereo on my FM head phones

kicks in just in time

for the hand jive blues

keeping the beat

without my shoes

two pairs of socks

on the fucking carpet

the rhythm

just won’t come

and with the drunks outside singing

none of them have any class

while yet another Fedenayl Exprees

goes screaing by

and my thought is

die Junkie die

when its colder

than a well digger’a ass




Freezing my but in Vancouver

Journal Entry, 17/12/2016, 04:54 hrs., PST, Saturday, my place,

-7ºC misty and still very dark, MOOD 55/45

Went to the flics with “BS” saw “ALLIED” very suspenful movie the tension starts imediately and leaves you in suspence up until the final scene. 4 out 5. don’t expect any happy ending.

Dreamed about the film all night nd then at 02:30 hrs. Got up and made myself a cuppa coffee and surfed the web, nothing much going on in cyberspace except people on FB pissing and moaning about the election of Trump.

Will try to get this up on both blogs.

Ciao, for now


FRIDAY whenever FRIDAY Journal Entry, 16/12/2016, 05:56 hrs., PST, Friday, my place -6ºC mostly clear, MOOD 60/40 Woke up after a deep sleep with some early REM but no dreams do I remember. Have 4sd and am feeling fine, Friday is always a good day . Will prepare a Xmas card for the admin of the Co-op and Milano’s. The staff at Milanos already has their Xmas gift (grandy loaded chocolates) Today is Costco day but not the big one, checking for short bread cookies and Maple syrup and fresh cream and the whipped cream in a can so I can make my own coffee in the morning. The Co-op has its Xams party tomorrow so I’ll get at least one crack at turkey and stuffing and cranbery sause. Several of my friends will be having a miserable grief stricken holiday and my heart is with them via my phone. The have lost their life mates and there is no replacement for that. I’ll see if I can upload this to Jayward33 at Word Press, so far I haven’t had any luck. Ciao, for now JWL



Journal Entry, 15/12/2016,03:08 hrs., PST, Thursday, my place,

-4ºC clear and still dark, MOOD 50/50

Slept from 19:00 hrs, until now with no interruptions, no Federal Express and only the odd unmufflerd motorcycle seting off car alarms. The Drugs R us crowd must have left town for the holidays.

Still have those little errand I should have done yesterday to do today,

maple syrup and fresh cream so I can make my own coffw at times like this will make some of Barrie’s high altitude tea instead and use the altitude to change my attitude, ha ha.

Will see if I can upload new pictures to World Press so I can jazz up my old blog, jayward 33 hesitant poet at World Press.




JOURNAL ENTRY, 14/12/2016, 21:18 hrs., PST, Wednesday, my place, -5ºC cleasr dark and cols, MOOD 45/55

A late shave, after the jet lag long nap, no energy and its seems the creative urge lies right now in the REM sleep.

Cleaned up all my e mails and downloaded all the j pegs. Brushed the dog hair off my Raptor hoodie, but didn’t run any of the expected errands so the is no maple syrup for my coffee and the cream is well beyond its best before date,

Took awhile to get my Telus TV working again so at least I can watch some sports. Saw the early gang yesterday nd after my first coffee had a cookie and a hot chokolate.

Now we will see if I can post this to my blog.





Journal Entry, 15/12/2016, 09:32 hrs., PST, Wednesday, my place,

-6ºC clear and sunny, Mood 60/40

A long flight yesterday, what should have taken 5 hours took 8 hours,

heather booked me a good seat lots of leg room and a nice lunch. Sat next to a guy who was going to a new job at the Vancouver Aquarium.

And had a bit of a conversation whilst waiting for the plane to take off in Ottawa.

Didn’t make the same mistake that I made going to Montreal and got up and moved around when my butt went to sleep. When we disembarked and woman picked me up in a golf cart and deposited me at the cab stand.

Got home had a quick shower and then went to bed with only one siren to wake the dead, ha ha.

No sirens at all during my stay in the east.







It was the month of my conception, the month I joined the Army, the month I proposed to my first wife,  the month I left the Army, The month I left the family home for good, the month I took up living with my second long term companion.


Something always comes up in August that involves a large change in my circumstances. I have made large changes in other months ie. quitting drinking in September, getting married in March but August has been consistent for me to expect some change of a major facet of my life.


May however is the month of wild swings in what we all term as luck something very good or very bad always seems to happen in May. go figger.




p.s. This is my last entry on the  Wordpress blog site