FRIDAY whenever FRIDAY Journal Entry, 16/12/2016, 05:56 hrs., PST, Friday, my place -6ºC mostly clear, MOOD 60/40 Woke up after a deep sleep with some early REM but no dreams do I remember. Have 4sd and am feeling fine, Friday is always a good day . Will prepare a Xmas card for the admin of the Co-op and Milano’s. The staff at Milanos already has their Xmas gift (grandy loaded chocolates) Today is Costco day but not the big one, checking for short bread cookies and Maple syrup and fresh cream and the whipped cream in a can so I can make my own coffee in the morning. The Co-op has its Xams party tomorrow so I’ll get at least one crack at turkey and stuffing and cranbery sause. Several of my friends will be having a miserable grief stricken holiday and my heart is with them via my phone. The have lost their life mates and there is no replacement for that. I’ll see if I can upload this to Jayward33 at Word Press, so far I haven’t had any luck. Ciao, for now JWL


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