JOURNAL ENTRY, 14/12/2016, 21:18 hrs., PST, Wednesday, my place, -5ºC cleasr dark and cols, MOOD 45/55

A late shave, after the jet lag long nap, no energy and its seems the creative urge lies right now in the REM sleep.

Cleaned up all my e mails and downloaded all the j pegs. Brushed the dog hair off my Raptor hoodie, but didn’t run any of the expected errands so the is no maple syrup for my coffee and the cream is well beyond its best before date,

Took awhile to get my Telus TV working again so at least I can watch some sports. Saw the early gang yesterday nd after my first coffee had a cookie and a hot chokolate.

Now we will see if I can post this to my blog.



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