A sunny Saturday morning and coffee in my cup and my unmade bed behind me, playing with my electronic toys recharging the batteries of same and moving files from partition to partition so my platform deesn’t nag me about not having room for more virtual input.

At least when I was shooting film it seemed real but what is reality anyway. The streets are quiet for the moment poised it would seem until the next overdose and the parade of emergency vehicles screaming through he streets.

The internet hums to tunes of insurrection, war and famine as my fan blows cool air across my face as the opportunist runs against the disappointment in a pseudo democratic exercise in the republic to the South whose only reason for existence is war all the time. And a market place that puts more value to putting gas into vehicles than feeding people while the farmers watch their crops whither on the vine as a direct result of providing gas for the these said same vehicles. Who said there is no justice.

By the way, does anyone know the way???



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