Went to the CANA meeting last night which was to explain “subsidy” and how it was applied in our Co-op. There were several complaints about how subsidy was applied on a yearly basis because it failed to meet the needs of households who came on hard times between the assessment times  even though the Co-op declared a budget surplus for the year which was squired away into the replacement fund. As several people eloquently pointed out the purpose of a housing Co-op is to share the load when it comes to housing costs, not throwing long serving members into the street like a heartless free market landlord because of some bureaucratic fiat which says that subsidy can only be applied for once a year.

CANA appears to want some sort of free market type Co-ops which are hideouts for the middle class but does little to service the working poor on minimum wage, one paycheck from the pavement, or  those on fixed incomes like old age pensions. With rapidly escalating costs in the local economy and gentrification or being condoized and no appriciable increase in wage rates or pensions the working poor will soon moved into the streets.

CANA is also promoting “doomsday scenarios” when our lease comes up for renewal and when our CMHC mortgage is paid off which will signal the end of subsidy by government sources. The problem is moot because for myself that date is thirteen years in the future which would be my eighty ninth birthday so its kind of like seeing a long delayed impending flood when your front porch is on fire.





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