Journal entry 2 Aug. 2012



02/08/2012/05:55 hrs. my digs, cloudy 15°C, WWOZ on the soundtrack

I see some dipshit T Shirt company has tried to patent the hackavist Anonymous  logo. Both the people who allowed the patent and the aforementioned dip shit T shirt company are asking for a shit load of trouble in my opinion.

My Globe and Mail feed has another Conservative minister in the glue over the temporary resident visa granted to Conrad Black after he got out of the slam in Florida. Corrupt, of course they are.

The blather over the Olympics and the fact that teams cheat to gain an advantage is met with much mock outrage and suspensions, obviously hasn’t being paying attention to the ways of the world. If the prize is large enough and there is an opportunity to cheat why is it surprising that they will. After all the sponsors of the games didn’t get to where they are in the corporate world by playing nice.

Setting up the JIM GREEN room for the Four Sisters meeting to explain subsidy tonight at seven. I have to layout in detail my protest on the free parking that 70 members have which costs all of us some $79.60 per month whether we have parking or not. My estimate of the cost of a parking space is $147.00 on a cost per sq. ft. basis. I recognize that should any or all the parking spaces be vacant that the Co-op as a whole must pay for them.



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