Interesting month end;


Have most of my tasks completed, visited with ROB “C” in North Vancouver yesterday and saw his opulent  suite just at the edge of the  North Van Seabus station and handy to all the amenities of the Quay with a beautiful view of Vancouver.

We had an espresso  and then went out his front door to the Caribbean festival which was playing this weekend with rides for the kids and stage shows for the adults. Unfortunately the sun was too much for this old soldier so when I lost Rob in the crowd and couldn’t find him I caught the ferry back to Vancouver.

My problems with Shaw webmail continue my visit to their service center solved nothing I still can’t access my in box. This all happened when Firefox updated their app although the same problem exists on Safari. I have three operating OS, Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Windows seven and the same problem exists on all the browsers. My main man Mark at LD says in that case the problem is an ISP glitch that Shaw hasn’t bothered to attend to.

My Monday is chock a block with the GCS brekkie and lunch with Ron “H” so won’t be able to get to Shaw until the afternoon, I’ll take my laptop with me and this time make sure the problem is corrected.

My sleep patterns are still up and down, yesterday I was pretty bagged and put my head down and had one of those never quite asleep nights and then got up at 01:00 hrs and 4sd, and loaded the printer program onto my new laptop and started to load what I thought was Microsoft Office 2010 only to discover that it was an app that explained and gave tutorials for the app. the packaging was very misleading I’ll put up a jpg and see what you all think.




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