Iced tea and me, and the wonderful game on the idiot little box. Still can;t get Shaw webmail to work. for some reason I can send but I can’t receive. Although this morning I did get something in my in box without getting the challenge for a password that keeps being rejected, grrrrrrrr.

Kenny “R” bought me breakfast this morning and then we surfed the stock at the A&N boutique and all the sub standard Chicom crap that seems to be standard fare in all stores these days.

Just watched Bill Moyer interview Chris Hedges on PBS.Very powerful and a must watch for anyone who cares about the future of this planet and the human species.I have several books by Chris Hedges and although I don’t share his Christian faith his call for resistance and non-violent revolt is right on. To participate in the system is complicit to the evil that is being done in our name. Silence is complicity and regardless of your minor good deeds in your personal life if you work within the system you are merely reenforcing the banality of evil. The SS guards at the concentration camps were good family men and kind to their pets.

But how does one revolt and resist? The Occupy movement gives us an example, and a consequence is that you may suffer physical abuse and incarceration. The resistance has happened before and none of the rights we have were won because those in power granted them.

The politicians are corrupt and the police are not our friends. The courts are rigged so don’t imagine that there be any help there. We either resist or can expect that we will destroy the ecosystem for the short term profits of the corporations.

I urge everyone who reads this to go to and dial in Bill Moyer and company for this compelling interview.



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