Back from my ride, 1 hr. 10 min. a good sweat, saw only six runners this morning and a cruise ship passing under the Lions Gate bridge. Even the DTES was quiet along Carroll street and there was very little traffic on Powell.

My e mail problems with the Shaw mail box continue and I can’t access my in box although  I can send, go figger. Cleaned up my tangle of wires and retuned my router to see if that was the problem, my desk is cleaned up and looks like I know what I’m doing which is very deceptive, ha ha.

I have abandoned anything on the Telus router which may change if I have to completely abandon the Shaw connection. I find I’m getting less and less for my money on Shaw not that Telus is any better, their basic TV sucks, with far too much ethnic and religious channels to make it look like you are getting a lot when in fact 80% of it is crap.

All their glossy adverts on every channel promise much but deliver little. There is a real need for competition in the Market place to challenge the oligopoly of Shaw, Telus, Rogers and Bell, both in internet service and TV programming.



P.S. We are not immune to the atrocities committed with the gun in Syria or Toronto Canada or Colorado. The human need to dominate with fear and brutality is facillited by the availability of firearms. In the cases in Toronto and Colorado its some insane idiot seeking his fifteen minutes of fame and the less said about them the better. Their motives are not esential to doing something about the availibility of firearms and ammunition.

But we will mourn and then forget until the next incident still having done nothing concrete to at least making it harder to repeat these horrific acts.

Perhaps someone out there can tell me why anyone would need a fully automatic assault rifle with a hundred round drum magazine?



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