AUGUST the 18th


18/07/2012 /08:52 hrs. Milano’s, cloudy and cool, a little muggy inside but the sound track is pleasant and I have my medium/medium so all is well Jack “S” has just arrived so will pause for conversation. Its a working day so Jack had to catch his bus.
Another day in the hood with sirens screaming near and far, the soundtrack and the background white noise provide a comforting hum to the day.

Weighed in today at 206 lbs. Only six lbs. to go, my regime of 100 km. per week and two day fasts seem ti be working. Had the runs yesterday but all is well today and my stomach is behaving so all is well. I’ve stopped taking anti inflammitries because I was informed that they play hell with your liver.

Thats about all there is for today.



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