LAST DAY in MONTREAL Opps, having a manic day my last day is tomorrow.






Have washed and dried my dirty laundry and am sorting out my gear for tomorrows 6 am. Security check at YUL and boarding the flight at 7:20 hrs. EDT and arriving 9:24 hrs PDT at YVR another 20 minutes to pick up baggage and then catch the Canada Line to Waterfront station and should arrive home by 10:30 hrs PDT. My phone will be on so will be receiving calls immediately after landing.

Its rumoured that there is a GCS breakfast on that day if so let me know and I will try to hook up.

Eloi and Maya set up the tents for Sasha and his friend’s sleep over. We all had supper together and there wasn’t the usual negotiation about how much and what food would be eaten, Sasha was on his best behaviour with his little girl friend Priscilla from Cameroon in attendance, a really sweet and well behaved child.

Got a bit of sun stroke yesterday but appear to slept off the effects with last nights sleep. It appears that the kids didn’t freak out during the night and did;t flee to the dubious safety of the inside, well done kids!

This is the last day of a perfect holiday, would have liked to include a side trip to Ottawa and see Ian and Maithe but didn’t have the funds, in fact its going to be a really skinny month until pension day, and will have to curtail such things as double coffee at Milan;s until golden day.

Ciao, for now,



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