His mother dresses him funny


poor souls are not limited to the DTES in Vancouver.





Its taking me awhile to get used to this app. I had  prepared a blog and trying to copy it and the damned thing deleted itself, grrrr.
Once more into the breech dear friends, spend most of yesterday at the Jazz Festival venue in the Place des Arts photgraphing the musicians and the festival goers.
Saw the Oxford University big Jazz band they were very good but a little too white for my taste if you know what I mean.
The venues at the Place des Arts are magnificent. Two of the performances I would have loved to have seen,James Taylor and the German group  was SRO.
Apparently your have to book really early to get to see the really desirable shows (January)
I bought a map which I’ marking all the points of interest and traciong the routes of pulic transit to get there.
The Metro is quick and efficient but you have to be carful or you will end up going the wrong way and end up playing Metro tag where you are always “it”.
I’ve kind of lost my touch of photographing musicians I took a lot of pictures yesterday but none of them made the cut.
ciao, JWL


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