I still have dreams, the nineteen year old in my head says we are going to live forever. The seventy six year old in my collapsing body says  Wait a minute cowboy. Who asked you?”
My visit with my daughter and her husband is going amazingly well and I’m rapidly getting to know their neighborhood. There are a lot of small businesses and shops and services not seen in any abundance in Vancouver , things like shoe repâir shops, art galleries, barber shops, interesting cafes and bars and the streets have a heartbeat.
There is an air of confident optimism and people don;t walk down the street stone faced. Conversations are easily started in both lasnguages and there is, as the song says, never a discouraging word.
The day was warm and sunny, 29 dsgrees C and we had a very good salad dinner out in the garden. Then we went for a walk and Sasha had a slurpy.
When we got back to our digs, Eloi the digital genius helped me download the shots I took on the walk.
Glad tidings from Montreal to all the members of the Gastown Curmudgeons Society and all the girls at Milanos.
Ciao, JWL


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