Spent yesterday coming and going to Chilliwack for Jim Britton’s Celebration of Life. Tim Stark very genously provided he transportation and aside from the fact that I didn’t know quite how to get there we arrived at the meeting hall about fifteen minutes late.

All .the chairs set out were filled with Jim’s friends and his siblings who all attended even those from as far away as Halifax N.S.. The hall was set out with a display of Jim’s many awards and his signature leather vest and denim shirt and his beloved Pentax K1000 with 50mm f2 lens mounted on a tripod.

All of Jim’s siblings attended one brother Coming all the way from Halifax N.S.. Two of Jim’s nephews also attended helping Jim’s siter Estelle laying out the refreshments.

All the seats laid out were filled with Jim’s meny friends both from his work with .he Federal government and his friends from the photographic community.

My own friendship started when Jim and I met at an opening at the Exposure Galley in Vancouver. We served for a time on the board of V.A.PA. and went on to share many adventures in photography over the next twenty years.

Over the years Jim very generously invited me to spend Xmas at his family’s shared Xmas at Eselle’s place up on a mountain just south of Chilliwack. When Jim and his new wife Lorainne moved to their place in Chilliwack I usually spent Xmas week with them.

Jim was generous with his friends both with his treasure, knowledge and time. He was one of a kind and I’m going to miss him. Loyal and true friends are few and hard to find and I count myself as lucky to have known him.

Go to the light Jim…

From left to right,  Jim’s widow Lorraine and two of Estelle’s boys, Jim’s nephews


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