Today, I’ m wearing a beret I’ve had for fifty seven years and a promotional T shirt that lasted longer than the  two companies that merged. The beret is a Belgian wool issued  to me when I was a Private in the P.P[.C.L.I  going into recruit training at Currie barracks in Calgary Alberta on the 10th of August 1955. Aside from the beret and a few photos nothing from that time remains, a lot of my comrades from those days have passed on and those of us still on this mortal coil are simply glad to wake up alive..

I have a whole shelf of. thirty some odd journals dating back to September 1988, not much to leave behind. I expect that whatever artifacts that remain will find their way to a landfill up country.

But what the hell, the sun is shinning and the girls are pretty and everyone has a smile on their face.


p.s.this has become an even better than great day, my daughter and son in law have sent me an airline ticket to Montreal leaving on the 27 June until 11 July, Whohooooo!


One response to “ARTIFACTS

  1. Glad you’re making it to Montreal, John. I’m sure you are grateful for the love your daughter has for her old man. Happy Father’s Day!

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