The bill currently being voted on in Parliament is the destruction of the Democratic system and  the installation of a tyrannical dictatorship. As has been pointed out in the current system all this is legal. I would point out that all the laws passed in Germany during the Nazi reign were also legal.

There are a few gems inherent in  this 400 page bill, number one, giving the secret police and police functions of a foreign country the right to arrest and kidnap Canadian citizens without the protection of their citizenship. That right people, the FBI, the CIA, and Homeland security will have the right to operate unimpeded in Canada. On top of that the US military will have the right to operate in Canada.

Then there is the online spying bill which will give the police the right to having your ISP surrender all your computer data to their snooping and charging you for the changes that must be made to the infrastructure  to permit this.

Think about it, Vic Toews  and other Tory henchmen being able to legally find out the way you vote so they can robocall you or eliminate you from the voters list so they can steal yet another election. Goodbye secret ballot.

Kiss your Health Care goodbye and then expect some form Obamacare to become the norm here in Canada.

There will also be no way we can prevent Big Oil  or the large mining companies, mainly foreign owned, from savaging the environment.

Don’t expect to ever collect a dime of EI if there is a position somewhere in the country at a McDonalds or Starbucks that hasn’t be taken by some underpaid foreign “guest” worker.

Also kiss OAP and CPP good bye, if they change the rules so you have to be 67 to collect, by their gutting the heath plan you should live so long.

Just a few thoughts on the criminal made “legal” by the Tories.



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