Procrastination  and being lazy have painted me into a corner vis a vis  my performance  tonight at the Café Montmartre. I had planned to make 20 copies of each poem to put on the tables.

For some reason my computer doesn’t like my printer or is it the other way round, so yesterday afternoon. I thought I would print out the copies, and Bob’s your uncle.

After several abortive tries during which the printer would grudgingly print twelve pages and then balk at the last eight and then wouldn’t print the back of the pages.

After jerking me around for four hours I managed to get two of the poems printed and page one of the third then the god damned printer ran out of yellow toner. RATS!!!

Now I will have to see who has a key to the office so I can use the Co-op copier and if not. as in most military matters. the first thing that goes sideways is always the plan.

There is no need to fret, I have copies of all the poems already printed out so I will have a script but it would have been a better performance if I can get copies to the tables so in the cacophony of a band and my delivery will allow the audience to follow along.



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