Lost my phone this morning in the chaos that is my living space. Went into a panic and searched frantically at the behest of the left side of my brain. Of course I couldn’t find it and had the thought that I might have left it at Milano’s which was the last place I’d used it.

Then I 4sd, made my bed made a coffee and surfed the web. Put on clean clothes poured a cup of coffee and put the lost phone out of my mind.

Had a sneezing fit and while fumbling around for some paper towel to wipe my nose found my phone in amongst the books I sorted through to read before I went to sleep last night.

Had a reasonable sleep last night, no dreams of the dearly departed Jim which has been my dream fare for the last three nights. We haven’t received any notice on Jim’s funeral but both Jasna and I are prepared to catch the Greyhound out to Chilliwack when we get the word.

It looks like a sunny morning although the forecast is for intermittent rain showers so an umbrella  is  in order.



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