Requiem for a very dear friend


Jim and wife Lorraine



Jim Britton a friend of some twenty five years

a fellow photographer

and comrade in gallery wars

has died from lung cancer

yesterday afternoon

that horrible water board feeling

and his fourth cardiac arrest

from which he asked not to be resuscitated

his last five years spent with

the love of his life

his wife


in a beautiful home

the two of them fashioned

in Chilliwack

the last time I saw him

was at my seventy fifth birthday

13 May 2011

at TAFs Café

where we had had several shows

of our photographs over the years

I will have to let every one

we both knew

the very bad news.

Jim was never one to piss and moan

and although I was beginning

to worry about the fact

that I hadn’t had an e mail from him

in a month or so

I had no idea his heath had

gone so badly wrong

there is a hole  my heart

where the living Jim resided

and now like all his friends

and family

we must in our grief

fill the void

with kind memories about

what a fine man, friend, brother, uncle

 and husband

 he was



Jim and mutual friend Jasna at my seventy fifth birthday


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