for the imagery of lust
searching for an image from the past
cause lust takes far too much energy
to last

the image from 98
couldn’t use this one
in nude to the city
mores the pity

fourteen years ago
this August
and the model is now thirty three
getting a little ripe on the vine

time is the thief of youth
although in our minds of minds
we will deny the mirrors

and in the clash of bodies
classified as lust
its something other than God
we trust

the imperative is always
if we can
when opportunity comes
we must

in the moans and groans
and sweating bodies
in the congress of sexual sin
there it goes and here it comes again

in the vortex of the the sensual wave
in our lust we become a slave
risking all in a what the hell
what a story for our mates we’ll tell

what is the pay off when we cheat
and have to keep our lies
like ducks in a row
so those who really matter will never know

stories in the back of your mind
definitely not in trust
something in the manner of
in lust we trust



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