REFLCTIONS at 3 a.m.


sitting in my night time attire

with the suspicion

this poem is merely

preaching to the choir

I know what I’m for

I know what I’m against

sometimes less is more

so shut the fuck up you mouthy whore

sometimes the obvious can become a lie

and ignorance isn’t not knowing

its what you think you know that’s wrong

that sings the ignorance song

to borrow a line

all those lies you learned in college

are only a facade

masquerading as knowledge

in the blizzard of lying white noise

which line

  smells sweetly

to your nose

middle aged slightly graying white males

in hard hats

tells us to take our tar sands medicine

bringing mythical jobs and bogus prosperity

screw science

with the thieving Harper bunch

they will take their ill gotten gains

and leave nothing but wreckage on the sea and plains



2 responses to “REFLECTIONS at 3 a.m.

  1. I saw an ad on TV about the tar sands and how great they were going to be for prosperity, made me sick to hear such balderdash….Jxtr

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