I still have dreams, the nineteen year old in my head says we are going to live forever. The seventy six year old in my collapsing body says  Wait a minute cowboy. Who asked you?”
My visit with my daughter and her husband is going amazingly well and I’m rapidly getting to know their neighborhood. There are a lot of small businesses and shops and services not seen in any abundance in Vancouver , things like shoe repâir shops, art galleries, barber shops, interesting cafes and bars and the streets have a heartbeat.
There is an air of confident optimism and people don;t walk down the street stone faced. Conversations are easily started in both lasnguages and there is, as the song says, never a discouraging word.
The day was warm and sunny, 29 dsgrees C and we had a very good salad dinner out in the garden. Then we went for a walk and Sasha had a slurpy.
When we got back to our digs, Eloi the digital genius helped me download the shots I took on the walk.
Glad tidings from Montreal to all the members of the Gastown Curmudgeons Society and all the girls at Milanos.
Ciao, JWL






The trash has been taken out, my fridge emptied of anything that could go bad while I’m away, my bathroom scrubbed and sanitized and the sheets changed on my bed so I will have a clean bed to return to. My bags are packed and except for my pnone which is on the charger I’m ready to go to the bank machine to get WAM for the trip then back to my digs and wait for the 6:45 bus to take me to the Canada Line and out to YVR and do the check in security dance.

Ken “V’ gave me a good tip about water, he said that the trick is to take an empty container with your take on luggage and fill it up at the fountain once you are inside the security place and waiting for your flight to start loading.

As usual I’m prepared to the max, my bills all paid and up to date’ In a moment I will shower and shave and, well you kinow preparing my innards for the trip, because I hate using the loo on airplanes.

My iPod has all my music on its hard drive and I have a current copy of GRANTA to read. My new phone allows me to keep up to date with my Facebook page and e mails while on the flight.

My trip this last December has prepared me for the drill on WestJet and I’m’ actually looking forward to the trip

My next blog entry will be from Montreal.








         Finally did something about giving my startup disk some space. I had 3.5GB tied up in downloads that I hadn’t assigned to the appropriate partition and also emptied my iPhoto files to its appropriate partition and now my startup disk has 5GB of headroom and is operating much better.



         Isn’t this geek talk interesting,ha ha









stream of consciousness

should not be so noxious

should not be so anxious

should not be so furious

random random random

someday my ship will come

and beggars will ride horses

in the battle with unknown forces

its another shitty day in paradise

I would complain


that wouldn’t be nice

so this crappy poem

will have to suffice

in lieu of discernable vice

except the mope of a dope

and besides hope

is chump change for dopes

and if you are reading this

you must

abandon all hope