I sit here mesmerized

almost to the edge of being traumatized

about something I’d never ever visualized

something that had me very surprised

about a word I’d invented, condoized

in a neighborhood about to be atomized

so the profits of the1% could be maximized

before the actual needs of the 99% could be realized

and the future of their children brutalized

the myth of a functioning democracy compromised

a sociopath  dictator installed to supervise

the MSM his image to be sanitized

the social contract cannibalized

wage  slavery to be newly revised

union contacts to be neutralized

and the short term benefits of trashing the ecosystem glowingly advertised

while the commons, the school system and the jails

become further privatized

and all our habits and contacts by the police secretly scrutinized

data mined and optimized

while all our hopes and dreams are plagiarized



2 responses to “IZED

  1. Left my comment on email, before I realized,
    that unless it’s on HERE, it’s marginalized.

    One of your best, it’s popularized!
    I’ll stop this before I’m out right despised!


    Ps: brilliantly homo(u)rized!

  2. It’s a fine poem, John. Good Work! Next consider creating a rap arrangement for it,
    get a chorus and make a video. A Quebecois version would be nice. This could go viral! Put it on YouTube and elsewhere. I”m serious. The time is right now.

    Good Luck and Thanks,

    Bob C

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