The outrage called Enbridge



tankers safety, jobs, destruction of the Northern British Columbia ecosystem

is there anything the powers that be won’t lie about

I think not

assemble at The Four Seasons hotel

12:00 hrs. 30th May 2012

Howe street at Georgia

wear your red patch

The trans mountain pipeline is being twined

increasing tanker traffic in Vancouver four fold

another accident waiting to happen

could we recover from that

who runs this Canada of ours

big oil


the people



One response to “The outrage called Enbridge

  1. ‘Tis neither Big Government,
    Nor is it The People.
    ‘Tis the .001% of the People,
    Who will benefit from the added Funds
    Generated by this BULLSHIT!
    And The Big Gov’t Waves it through,
    So that THEY can Collect More Taxes.

    ‘Tis the Maximization ! We ALL know That Word!
    Prepare to be able to Light a Bonfire atop
    The Burrard Inlet !

    Having said that … I’m Off Th Milano’s!
    It’s Pushing 8:45am.


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