Daily Journal on my HP

Must be careful not to knock my coffee onto my keyboard. I’m all scruched up sitting as this table pearing at my text while I type.Jack Simpson just laid a card reader on me and then showed me how to down load jpgs from my little camera
Well that was easy. Jack “S” gave me a data stick that fits in a usb slot and tkes the in  small data card.
Talked to Heather this morning via Skype. She is still having painful problems with her sprained ankle. I asked her if she had seen a doctor about it and she said she hated hanging around doctors offices waiting to be seen.
She told me about the street demonstrations in Montreal. In her neighborhood, Vilray, they occupied the intersection of Jarre and Vilray and banged on pots and pans and dared the police to disperse them. The police did nothing preferring to cower in their police cars and stations.
Quebecois don`t take kindly to the hired thugs of the 1%  brutalizing their children. .


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