Mickey Mouse and all that



           Oh Crap! Its raining again so no bike ride this morning, will put the kettle on for coffee and piss and moan about the state of the world; and ask the question, “Are my fingers too large hence the constant strike overs,  is it that I really can’t do sight typing? I thought overs was a word used mainly in the game of cricket  Of course this American dictionary would not know that.

My kettle has boiled, be back in a minute. There the day is starting to look up a first sip of coffee will do that for you.

Re my anti royal rant yesterday on Facebook. The Duchess of Cornwall “Camilla” was appointed Colonel  in Chief of my regiment The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada when our previous Colonel in Chief retired in 2010. It seems that Canada cannot escape its colonial past. I can’t understand how a supposedly independent nation can have foreign royalty as head of state, especially from a theme park nation like the UK.

It would be like if we were once a colony of the USA and having Mickey Mouse as head of state. Come to think of it Mickey would be preferable to our current PM.



One response to “Mickey Mouse and all that

  1. Absolutely agree with you take on Our Prime Minister, Mr. Mouse. However,
    the Pink Faced Bean Counting Dick Weed “IS” running our country. What happened to the good ol’ days when People assassinated his kind?


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