Journal jottings



18/05/2012/07:25 hrs. my digs, sunny, 9°C

125 km. this week

         Feeling a little blah today, completed the ride in one hour ten minutes but the endorphins didn’t kick in and have a dull head ache to boot. Tim Stark’s photo show tonight, will be going with Horst.


         Got some good feed back on the photos I took at the “Bohemian Caress” and was invited to read at the next one on 10 June.. My fifteen minutes of fame as it were.


Kyle Hawke will clue me in as to the theme some time in the coming weeks. He has asked me to see if Bud Oaborne could attend. I’ll leave a note under his door with my telephone number and e mail address so he can reply. Bud has been very sick these last few months with Hep C and it may be too much effort for him to attend. Kyle says he can arrange transport if Bud decides to attend.





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