Is there ever a time of your day when you feel, as good as you’re ever going to feel, right after all your personal body cleanup?

When I was a young soldier we were on maneuvers and we were under severe water rationing when our CSM demanded that all the other ranks must shave.

Now shaving consisted of a mess tin full of hot water except there was no way we could heat the water because camp fires were prohibited in the German forest were we were hiding out in.

Shaving with the Army issue razor was a brutal experience under the best of circumstances but cold water, the last water you were going to get for the next twelve hours, shaving seemed a bit excessive.

Being the dumb ass recruit I was I questioned the CSM on his order. Now Teddy Shaw our CSM jumped into Normandy with 1st Canadian Airborne and the crossing of the Rhine and was greatly respected in our battalion. He was only 5’2” 140 lbs. but a bundle of energy.

He said,

“ Private Leighton we shave every day under all circumstances because after every shave at least for the next fifteen minutes that’s as good as you will feel all day and raises your morale”

words to live by!



4 responses to “WORDS TO LIVE BY

  1. I AM Feeling As Good As I will Ever Feel ! That is sad in and of itself !

    Ok, I’ll bite. What’s a CMS ? Is it a Company Master sergeant.or a COMPLETE MENTAL SNAFU? *please check all that apply!*

  2. Oh, I see! It’s a CSM! Sgt. Major? Company Slut Muffin?
    Answer soonest … Youth wants to know!

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