WEDNESDAY coffee time





WEDNESDAY at coffee time


still in the fog of just got up

shivering in my gaunch

in some kind o hunch

for a coffee and start the day

in my Che beret

have to fire up my tunes

after doing the scare me

from the links

to friends

on my Facebook page

jazz, jazz,  jazz

save me jazz

in the lifeboat

of poetry

in the downpour of a wet coast morning

the rush hour hisses by

on the soaked streets

and the junkies still OD

in the piss stained alleys

but nobody notices or really cares

and Robert Johnson

sings the blues from far away

in the days of my birth

umbrella time

and off to A&N for sardines

and shaving soap

after another coffee

with old pal Kenny “R”

where we talk about people whose names

we’ve temporarily forgotten

only to remember them

when it no longer matters

and our conversation is in tatters.





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