May Day, REtro Ways






its May day

will we ever get it right

Kenny “V” was off to beauty night

he said not for them and not for us

it’s the way it is

there is no need to fuss

when your past is full of

woulds, coulda, and shoulda

and you are still here

the same old brainless schmuck

your existence dependent

on random dumb luck


out in the hood

with two of my old film cameras

three rolls of black and white left

but what the hell

it suits my mood

the Rolei from fifty one

and the Nikon F2 from seventy one

it suits my mood

and seems just right


the depressed stalk the hood

head down hoping

that something on the sidewalk

will help them feel good

something different from their dreary room

in the mass of seven billion

but still alone


a family passes little one in the lead

while a replicant  from

the Ministry of Silly Walks

stumbles by in the opposite direction

my stomach says Supper

but my muse says not yet

and in this day engage in conflict





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