I sit here mesmerized

almost to the edge of being traumatized

about something I’d never ever visualized

something that had me very surprised

about a word I’d invented, condoized

in a neighborhood about to be atomized

so the profits of the1% could be maximized

before the actual needs of the 99% could be realized

and the future of their children brutalized

the myth of a functioning democracy compromised

a sociopath  dictator installed to supervise

the MSM his image to be sanitized

the social contract cannibalized

wage  slavery to be newly revised

union contacts to be neutralized

and the short term benefits of trashing the ecosystem glowingly advertised

while the commons, the school system and the jails

become further privatized

and all our habits and contacts by the police secretly scrutinized

data mined and optimized

while all our hopes and dreams are plagiarized







not even the careless overstrikes

of my sloppy typing

its pay my bills time

and let the rest of the world

celebrate on its own dime

coffee with Kenny “R”

and a short shopping spree

to get the pills that sustain me

the picture from last years

hanging flower pots

and trance music a thumping

could mean something

could mean nothing

but can’t deny my

feel good feeling

my nose runs

and my feet smell

but I’m still breathing

so what the hell

come hell or high water

as we shall see


nothing will deter me




The outrage called Enbridge



tankers safety, jobs, destruction of the Northern British Columbia ecosystem

is there anything the powers that be won’t lie about

I think not

assemble at The Four Seasons hotel

12:00 hrs. 30th May 2012

Howe street at Georgia

wear your red patch

The trans mountain pipeline is being twined

increasing tanker traffic in Vancouver four fold

another accident waiting to happen

could we recover from that

who runs this Canada of ours

big oil


the people


Daily Journal on my HP

Must be careful not to knock my coffee onto my keyboard. I’m all scruched up sitting as this table pearing at my text while I type.Jack Simpson just laid a card reader on me and then showed me how to down load jpgs from my little camera
Well that was easy. Jack “S” gave me a data stick that fits in a usb slot and tkes the in  small data card.
Talked to Heather this morning via Skype. She is still having painful problems with her sprained ankle. I asked her if she had seen a doctor about it and she said she hated hanging around doctors offices waiting to be seen.
She told me about the street demonstrations in Montreal. In her neighborhood, Vilray, they occupied the intersection of Jarre and Vilray and banged on pots and pans and dared the police to disperse them. The police did nothing preferring to cower in their police cars and stations.
Quebecois don`t take kindly to the hired thugs of the 1%  brutalizing their children. .

Lines of escape





I had lines of inspiration

when I awoke

but they fled with the crowd

into the smoke

I can smell the cordite and CS gas

from here

and the screams of the assaulted

are terrible to hear

for with our dissent

we have broken the covenant

that we would obey the government

when their order is

shut up and buy

and if you have no money

shut up and die

they talk about entitlement

when what they mean

is let them eat cake

to the populations complaints

they can’t  and won’t relate

to the scent of revolution

the tin pot dictators

can hear the pots ringing and banging in the streets

in may be time

for them

before its too late

to look for comfortable

lines of escape



When will the rest of Canada wake up?


Blogging on the new computer, I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’m going to have to buy Office so I can get a greater choice of fonts and other features.
The student demonstrations in Quebec now include other segments of the population with the people of the working class neighborhoods taking to the streets banging on their pots and pans using the method that overthrew the regimes in Chile and Argentina.
The people united annot be defeated. They are few we are many.
The question is, when will the rest of Canada wake up?

Got caught in a visious downpour on my way back to my digs hence the dry hoodie.

Mickey Mouse and all that



           Oh Crap! Its raining again so no bike ride this morning, will put the kettle on for coffee and piss and moan about the state of the world; and ask the question, “Are my fingers too large hence the constant strike overs,  is it that I really can’t do sight typing? I thought overs was a word used mainly in the game of cricket  Of course this American dictionary would not know that.

My kettle has boiled, be back in a minute. There the day is starting to look up a first sip of coffee will do that for you.

Re my anti royal rant yesterday on Facebook. The Duchess of Cornwall “Camilla” was appointed Colonel  in Chief of my regiment The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada when our previous Colonel in Chief retired in 2010. It seems that Canada cannot escape its colonial past. I can’t understand how a supposedly independent nation can have foreign royalty as head of state, especially from a theme park nation like the UK.

It would be like if we were once a colony of the USA and having Mickey Mouse as head of state. Come to think of it Mickey would be preferable to our current PM.