03:43 hrs



03:43 hrs. in the a.m.


Latin-Reggae on the sound track

head phones on

as a favor to my neighbors

in a night of constant sirens

even one for our building

lights flashing for an hour

and then the ambulance

rushed off sirens screaming

and another night of fitful sleeping

tried to meditate

apparently its good for the memory

couldn’t get off

probably too much coffee

and dream inducing thought just before sleep

wouldn’t work either

then lay on the left side

only induced burps

and the the bowel made its call

so here I am

shaved showered and sitting

in my gaunch


was washed off with the overnight perpetration

Brubeck on the sound track

from the Lincoln Center

while the inner man pleads for a coffee

god I’m weak

I give in and indulge myself

and a new version of the Brubeck classic

Blue Rondo ala Turk

although the new sax player is no Paul Desmond

now some

Ransey Lewis

Cool on cool

cuase I’m no fool

and the cooffe is hot hot hot

am having one of those

right side left side things

when the poem wants out

but the words are mis spelled

and the lefrt side is nag nag ang

trying to have his moment

become a

drag drag drag




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