the passing crowd

with bags, pack and suitcases

bye says the iPad woman

her daughter and two grand daughters

visit soon from AUS

and I wonder

what the Queen of my Heart

and The Prince of my Dreams

are doing right now

they would be in the last period

before school is let out

the TV says that Montreal is sunny today

the working guys sit outside

and drink their coffee

I love this time of year

even old curmudgeons thoughts

turn to love

would take, will take

no I’ll pass on that

I don’t know where or when

but sweet Jesus

here it comes again

sneezes that frees my nose

from the junk in the air

another cuppa

you betcha

inflation creeps

and the penny disappears

and in the land of plenty

the fifty dollar bill

becomes the new twenty

and we all pay the HST

and soon there will be a fee

to breath and eat and drink and pee

but all the well dressed ignore the beggar

even though they too

are only one devalued pay cheque

from the pavement

and by mid-month they wonder

where their money went

and now buy worthless lotto tickets

so at least they can dream

then plug in and look around

and try not to be dazzled

by the

ambient sound.




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