arrogant pride or presumption

based on the assumption

of omnificence

when really

we don’t know squat

and think that doing

the same stupid thing

over and over

will produce a different result


watched the program


the nuclear problem

in Japan

in the aftermath

of an extremely devastating

earth quake and tsunami


the problem everywhere

is how do we make clean power

for our extremely power hungry

consumer appetites

for a planet that already

has more people

than it can easily feed


our western “life style”

in Canada, the USA,

and Europe

already requires

four worlds resources

to sustain it


the mad race

of the 1%

for the abstraction called


to control the planet

as if they didn’t

live here

so didn’t have to suffer

the consequences

of their folly

when nature

declares it

game over for our species


I think this is

the true


of a fatal dose of





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