a day still black as sin

made sinister by mercury vapor

lighting with madness

the insanity in the street

I close my blind

and pay attention to the screen

and yesterdays pictures

tarted up in photoshop

their meaning still

a mystery

of my surreptitious

idle spying

my first cuppa coffee

balm in my bruised stomach

and elbows down

hands to wrinkled face

I cannot tell lies

to my mirror anymore

the devastation of age

is upon me


will have to miss the regimental again this year

the bod won’t co-operate

and neither will the health care system

the causes that motivate me

require an energy and economic support

not currently



the random sound track

is awash

in elevator jazz

oh well a second cuppa

is in order

beside my butt has gone to sleep

and its time to see if I can stand up

I had hoped to live forever

but the old bod says

not on my dime

take that and stuff it up your rhyme

JWL ©05/04/2012


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