Telco bitch










Have just been down to the Shaw store to get a supposedly free digital box.

Gave them my billing info and then was told that the “free” system was going to cost me $39.00 a month added to my internet charges which was $45.00 on 05 and has now crept up to $69.00.

Well this cowboy is not going to pay $100.00 a month plus tax to a company whose service is spotty and whose customer service sucks big time. Will be shopping other sources. It will mean getting a new e mail address but we can deal with that if the service is cheaper.

Mad as hell and not gonna take it any more.


AND IF YOU DON’T THINK THAT IS FUN, TRY CNACELLING OVER THE INTERNET. LOOKS LIKE I WILL HAVE TO GO DOWN FOR A FACE TO FACE. They already have cost me mucho time playing pasword tag and filling out endless forms. For a company supposedly in the communications business the are, as we ued to say in the Army, a shower of shit!


3 responses to “Telco bitch

  1. Concur Absolutely. Going to go for a TELUS BUNDLE will save $$$.I’m not fond of them, but hey, it’s all money.

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