writing this one from scratch

a phone call interrupts

someone I don’t know

has my number


a glove abandoned in the courtyard

seemingly waiting for the ride

to the world of lost socks, keys and umbrellas

and silly looks from silly fellas


the poem was half formed in my mind

when the dipshit phoning distracted

now all the lines I had imagined

have from my memory been subtracted


chill, for Christ sakes

cause what a difference a sunny day makes

a small change of attitude

is all it takes


take the circumstance of someone’s

lost glove

as inspiration

from above


JWL Ó 24/03/2011




One response to “THE GLOVE

  1. McKinley (sp?) Morganfield plays the same guitar that I do, when I actually play any more, that is. Wonderful, timeless picture … one of yours?

    Had a sleepless night myself. If you are up, I’m up for Milano’s. Write back instantly, if interested.


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