a mind tweak

and I’m on the road again

when my life was like the wind

there was noting to hold it down


off in a day dream

pen stilled

and my

forty mile stare in place


and no one knows

where I am

from the look

on my face


the world passes you cannot stop time

my mind is on the road again

with the echoes of my exhaust

following me up the canyons of memory


the words fall easily onto the page

and I have passed the border

of thundering silence

and pause to take my jacket off


trucks block the view

and I plan to ride my cycle

long dead in a scrap heap

sentenced to death


by a drunken escapade

two years before

my enlightenment

and temperate persuasion 


it wasn’t all bad

it had its moments of fun

but it was  not all cherry pie

and my choice was quit or die


qiit to buy time

quit to get from there to here

quit  perhaps to delay

the inevitable


in my mind I’m still

that nineteen year old boy

striking off into the adventure of manhood

but never really leaving that boy


so here I am

seventy five years down the road

striking a pose



JWL Ó 23/03/2012




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