I love the sound
and the feeling of the words
and an old Paul Simon
ringing in my mind’s ears
still crazy after all these years

the words have no meaning
except for the way they make me feel
that evening blue I could never quite capture on film
the mysterious river flowing to the sea
in Venezuela
and a lost city somewhere in Tibet

only in my brain
the words people my dreams
and as strange as it seems
the color, the river, and the dream city
is where my imagination resides
against all the strife and the storm of fate
repelling the barbarians at the gate

its been twelve years now
that I let loose my imagination
and with a team I rarely see anymore
let the camera shutters whir
and got the photos
that you see here

nude to the city
frivolous, careless and profane
we won’t pass this way again
like a small boy
in a early morning cookie theft
a ringadamdo
Azure, Orinoco, Xanadu

©Copyright August 5, 2010 by John-Ward Leighton


pictures shot on Sunday 02/08/1992 from 06:00hrs until 08:00 hrs. Me and my crew, Johhn “d”, Ian “Mac”, Andy. Anna “B” and then boyfried, and Monique “B” our model, had a wonderful day. The manager of the Starbucks braced me and said we couldn’t take any pictures inside the coffee house I pointed out I had the written permision of all the people in the shots and that the camera was outside on the sidewalk being fired on the self timer. Then she threatened to sue me and I almost broke my arm getting my card out of my pocket.

All the usual suspects is my most successful picture with upwards of  200  sold copies in circulation.



One response to “AZURE, ORINOCO, XANADU

  1. one of my fav’rit photo sessions of yours, made even ore interesting by the story of the Starbuck’s lady’s threat to sue! Go Johnny, Go!

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