Microsoft has usurped the word, word.
It sits on my desktop like an unpicked up doggy turd.
All that’s missing is the swarm of flies
and the smell of their corporate lies.
While they were at it they changed the
meaning of the word help.
They will answer any question
except the one you asked,
it’s enough to make you yelp for help;
All those wonderful choices
all in incomprehensible languages
and voices.
Of course you could go to their website
and buy another product that won’t work.
Or get some supercilious jerk
on the other end of the phone
hoping he’ll throw this dog program
a bone.
Dream on
and the word is
Microsoft can kiss
my ***!
And stick their “Office”
up their anal orifice.
And the word is
it rhymes with hit
wait for it…


©Copyright July 28, 2006 by John-Ward Leighton


Author’s Note: Had to do something to cure the frustration of making business card in “Office”


One response to “AND THE WORD IS…

  1. Good One Johnny!

    However, it doesn’t explain what WORD is doing to you … ?
    I cannot use it myself; too buggy. I use OPEN OFFICE 3.2,
    which is a free, easy download. Ubuntu includes it in their
    BASICS. Get it and see whatcha think!

    Hey dude, is there any place open at this hour for coffee,
    tea, etc. I’m up, here in the silence! What the fucccckkkkk?
    Don’t call right now, but I WILL answer email. hehehehehe.

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