Have you ever had the feeling

that your life is spinning out of control

and somehow you have been late

and missed a roll call

sitting in front of silly little screens

listening and watching other people’s dreams

the ads talking to us like we are brain dead louts

because they can’t hear our anguished shouts

the illusion of control

clicking in our hands

while we listen to long dead musicians

 and watch them playing in long dead bands

aside from the coffee girls

and some voice mail

and listening to the Rolling Stones

making their bones

this two day poem

doesn’t go where the buffalo roam

writing on this page without a pen

don’t know what it is but here it comes again

time to shave

a habit to which I’m a slave

before my fight at the OK corral

happens to preserve my morale

so on that melancholy note

wondering about all those unanswered phone calls

but in this particularly gray spring

would I hear my phone ring

the page rolls along

and I finish my coffee

and listen to another song

and scoff at being dropped off

JWL Ó 19/03/2012


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