The singer poet is gone
swallowed up in the mists of time.
She was a colleague
and friend of mine.
Last seen in 02 at Sunset Beach
but now she’s gone and out of reach.
I seem to have lost all my good lines in the shower.
My bed is made and my e mails read
but my inner life is with the dead.
We wrote poetry together
on a dead child’s theme
the injustice of it all
was enough to make you scream.
An abandoned boy on a Brazilian street
mere hours from death
on a church steps
shot by a moonlighting cop.
The eight year old
told the journalist,
“My life is like the wind
there is nothing to hold it down.”

News travels slowly when you change
faces and places.
Kyle, another poet from that time
before he disappeared into the burbs,
He brings the news to a coffee break
as we catch up the time past.
And Peete’s fate is told at last.
She died alone in some rag bag room
a cancerous brain tumour spelled her doom.

Strange how your life
goes from small box to small box:
Yesterday’s passions and friends recede
into uncertain memory.
People enter and play their parts
and then it’s off with their heads
by fates uncompromising
Queen of Hearts.

More question than answer
for a good life cut short by cancer.
So my darling Peete
you’ll live on in afterlife
in the shelter of my sweet, sweet memory.

©Copyright October 18, 2007 by John-Ward Leighton


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